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If you have drywood termites don't let anyone scare you into doing anything right away as they are very slow to do any damage and you have time to make an informed decision. On the other hand they never go away as long as you have wood remaining, they will destroy it.  And then on the other, other hand if you have the voracious Formosan termite they can quickly destroy the infested areas of your home as they can have colonies numbering in the millions that eat and destroy wood 24 hours a day.  You need to take care of those immediately and a good inspection can tell you which kind of termite you have and you can have both.

Each year homeowners suffer huge property losses due to termites.

These losses are preventable if proper action is taken soon enough.

For proper treatment you need to know what type of termites they are, where the infestation is located, the correct method for eradication, construction details, soil conditions and several other factors that will have a bearing on termite pest control results.


1. Termites cause more damage than tornadoes, hail storms, wind storm, and hurricanes combined.

2. Termites cost Americans more than $1 billion each year.

3. You can buy insurance for many sources of home damage, but not for termites.

4. Termites have been around for more than 240 million years. They adapt to ever changing environments. Termites are natures way to break down wood and return it to the soil.

5. Termites cannot determine the difference between the wood in the forest and the wood in your home.

6. Termites can infest almost every part of your home.

7. Termites can enter your home through a crack or opening as thin as a piece of paper.

8. Termites never stop working and eating. They work 24/7.

9. Termite colonies can average more than a million termites.


1) Here in Southern California termites are a major problem, we recommend that you have your home inspected for termites once each year and before buying a home, or prior to selling a home.

2) Avoid wood to ground contact such as wood siding (6 inches minimum clearance between wood siding and the soil).

3) Wood decking built on the soil surface or wood members in contact with the soil should be treated.

4) Excessive moisture under or adjacent to the structure caused from AC drainage lines can create excessive moisture and contribute to the attraction of termites and other pests. Drains should be located at least 5 feet from foundation.

5) Foliage growing next to and/or on the structure (vines and shrubs are common problems) should be trimmed back and away from the structure.

6) Wood pile adjacent to the structure should be removed.

7) Wood fence in contact with the structure should have at least 6 inches of clearence or be treated.

8) Wood used in and over foundation expansion joints should be removed and the joints treated.

9 Tree branches contacting the structure should be cut back from the structure at least 5 feet.

10) Wood form boards left in place around the foundation should be removed or treated, especially in the subarea, which is a favorite hiding place for discarded wood after construction.



Greenleaf technicians have an average of 15 years experience in the field, and are trained in all aspects of natural termite pest control and eradication, including drywood termite control and subterranean termite control.

We proudly serve North Hollywood, Burbank, Sherman Oaks, Glendale, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Encino, Los Angeles, Pasadena, and surrounding areas.

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