When Spiders Become a Problem, Call Us for Spider Removal

Spiders are among the most feared creatures in the world. People dislike spiders' creepy appearance, and many worry about becoming the victim of a venomous bite.

But although spiders have a reputation for being scary pests, that reputation is largely undeserved. Spiders keep insect populations under control, and they rarely bite humans.

However, if the spiders at your house come out in large numbers, contact Greenleaf Organic Pest Management to request spider removal. Our pest control experts implement solutions to keep spiders from becoming a bother.

Learn When Spiders Become a Problem

Most spiders in California pose little threat to humans. A few species like black and brown widows are poisonous, but they primarily use their venom to kill insects, not to bite humans.

Your property might attract many spiders if it offers them safe places to build webs or large insect populations to feed on. Spiders usually create their webs in protected, low-to-the-ground areas, such as:

  • Under patio furniture
  • In firewood piles
  • Inside garages
  • Near piles of clutter

Request Expert Help with Spider Control in Los Angeles, CA

Greenleaf Organic Pest Management takes an integrated approach to spider extermination in North Hollywood, CA and nearby cities. We recommend multiple tactics to control the spider population on your property. We identify areas where spiders congregate and focus our efforts on those locations. And any time we opt for chemical treatment, we use safe, small amounts.

After years of performing organic pest control, we know that spiders leave areas where they can't find sufficient food. As we assess your property, we look for spiders, but we also search for other pests that spiders feed on. As we take care of these other pests, the spider population decreases.

Ask us to conduct an in-home assessment to determine your need for spider removal and other forms of pest control. Call 877-52-GREEN (877-524-7336) to reach our organic pest control team.