For Pest Control in Sherman Oaks, Give Greenleaf a Call!

On a particularly hot day in Sherman Oaks, CA, you might curse the heat. But many pests love the warm climate in the San Fernando Valley. Rats, mice, ants, and spiders can make your home feel foreign, even though the pests are invading your space. When pests encroach upon your turf, take back ownership of your house by calling a pest control company.

Enjoy a Pest-Free Home

The weather in California attracts a variety of bugs and rodents, so Greenleaf Organic Pest Management stays flexible and ready for all types of extermination projects. If you need termite pest control, you can count on our team. Rodent exterminator? We can handle that as well. We work with all the common local pests, so you only need to call our pest control company to perform any service you need.

Take Advantage of Green Techniques

While you want your home cleared of pests, you don’t want to leave your property saturated with heavy pesticides.  Greenleaf Organic Pest Management pursues alternative solutions without sacrificing effectiveness. We use natural and low impact products whenever we can so your family, pets, and plants stay safe.

Don’t let pests take over your home. For service in Sherman Oaks, Sylmar, Pacoima, Granada Hill, CA and the surrounding areas, call us today at 877-52-GREEN to schedule a free pest inspection.