Rodent Removal Services

As you settle in for the night, you hear a faint scratching noise in your room. You investigate further, only to smell a distinctive ammonia odor and notice dirty smudges along your baseboards. You even notice small brown droppings along the wall.

Looks as though you have a rodent infestation.

Before you let rats or mice eat you out of house and home, give the team at Greenleaf Organic Pest Management a call. We offer rodent control in the Greater Los Angeles area.

What Rodents Do and What You Should Do

Rats are attracted to your home because of its ready supply of food. Unfortunately, rats also like to gnaw on electrical wiring from time to time. Rats also prefer to nest in secluded areas of your home such as your attic. Mice, on the other hand, prefer to stay close to their food supply, and they often cause damage to structural areas in your home.

If you notice telltale signs of rats or mice on your property, call our team. We'll thoroughly inspect your property to eliminate any access points that rodents use, from sewer lines to small holes left behind by contractors.

Likewise, if you have anything on the ground such as firewood and storage near your home, we recommend that you place it further away from your home, and off the ground when possible.

We'll discuss multiple options with you before we give you an accurate quote for rodent extermination. We also use the most effective, lowest toxicity products available.

Once we've secured all the access points by repairing pest-damaged areas, install new vents, screens and sanitize any nesting sites once removed we will use conventional traps to remove rodents from your structure.  This process prevents future infestations and ensures that your family stays in good health. 

Call to Schedule an Inspection

To schedule an inspection with our team, call 877-52-GREEN (877-524-7336). You can also use our contact form to request mice extermination in Los Angeles, CA.



Pests can be hidden in many places, and can be a possible HEALTH HAZARD. Get rid of pests and
keep your house and yard HEALTHY & CLEAN. Nobody wants their home and yard covered
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