Dealing With Outdoor Pests in California

Don’t let your beautiful outdoor area be ruined by obnoxious outdoor pests. Instead, wherever you live in California, get in touch with the experts at Greenleaf Organic Pest Management.

We apply proven pest control treatments to your lawn, yard, or garden to ensure that your pest problem is gone for good.

Common Outdoor Pests in California

Some of the outdoor pests we deal with on a daily basis include:

  • Snails. Along with leaving slimy trails behind them, snails also devour your plants’ roots and leaves.
  • Gophers, moles, and squirrels. These burrowing or nesting pests can tear up your garden or uproot your most precious plants.
  • Aphids and whiteflies. Insects lay eggs on your plants. The pupae then tear apart the plants and consume them as the young insects grow.
  • Birds. Not every bird is a nuisance, but some bird species can tear up your garden, scare off helpful wildlife, or spread mites.
  • Crickets, centipedes, and pillbugs. Pests like these can harm your landscape and, if they get inside, damage your home’s structure or your furniture’s fabric.

No matter what types of outdoor pests you have, we take a comprehensive approach that includes diagnosing the problem, finding the pests’ point of entry to your yard, and removing the pests in an eco-friendly manner. We’re also happy to give you tips on making your yard less attractive to pests and on keeping pests from entering your yard in the first place.

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Pests can be hidden in many places, and can be a possible HEALTH HAZARD. Get rid of pests and
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