Why Organic Pest Control Methods in Los Angeles, CA?

Because it makes good sense.

It's no secret, nowadays, that heavy chemical pesticide use can be detrimental to the health of ourselves, our children and our pets.

Nobody wants their home and yard covered with poisons. The truth is, heavy pesticide use is just not necessary in solving most pest problems.

That is why Greenleaf Organic Pest Management, specializes in the use of "low-impact" solutions. Usually there is more than one way to handle a problem, so we give you all the options.

For natural, alternative, non-toxic pest control, it's Greenleaf Organic Pest Control Services.

Nature Controlling Nature

Sometimes the best way to control nature is with nature herself. There are many damaging insects that can be controlled with beneficial insects or low-impact products.

Examples are ladybugs or lacewings to control aphids and whiteflies, essential plant and tree oils to control crawling insects and pest baits made with natural ingredients.


Pests can be hidden in many places, and can be a possible HEALTH HAZARD. Get rid of pests and
keep your house and yard HEALTHY & CLEAN. Nobody wants their home and yard covered
with POISONS, endangering their children, pets and the environment.


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