Least toxic, Organic Pest Control Solutions for Indoor Pests in California

When indoor pests sneakily infiltrate your home, they can make your haven miserable in no time flat. Fortunately, at Greenleaf Organic Pest Management,Inc. we have quick, simple, and safe solutions that can help you deal with all kinds of indoor pests. If you live in California, we guarantee we’ve seen the pest that’s plaguing you before and know how to successfully treat it.

Free Your Home From Obnoxious Pests

Some of the most common pests in California homes include:

  • Ants. While some ants are harmless, other varieties can sting, bite, or damage your home’s structure.
  • Cockroaches. These nasty flying insects can contaminate your food.
  • Rice weevils and flour beetles. These invasive pests spread quickly throughout your entire pantry and can destroy pounds of food. You might find rice weevils or flour beetles in whole grains other than those they’re named for.
  • Mice and rats. Either of these two types of rodents can carry diseases and damage your property.

Whether you’ve having problems with the pests listed above or another type of indoor pest has taken up residence in your help, we have the right solution. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about our products harming your family members or pets—while our methods control your pest problem, using state of the art practices with low toxicity products.

To get in touch in the Los Angeles, CA, area, call 1-877-524-7336.

Pests can be hidden in many places, and can be a possible HEALTH HAZARD. Get rid of pests and
keep your house and yard HEALTHY & CLEAN. Nobody wants their home and yard covered
with POISONS, endangering their children, pets and the environment.


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