Don't Let Gophers or Ground Squirrels Take Over Your Garden

Southern California's sunny conditions allow you to grow fresh fruits and vegetables in your yard during most of the year. You love stepping out your backdoor to pluck a vine-ripened tomato or crisp cucumber.

Unfortunately, the plant matter outside your house may attract nuisance animals to your property. Ground squirrels and gophers like to feed on leaves, roots, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. If these pests find your garden, they may eat the produce before you have a chance to harvest it.

Keep these pests off your land so you can protect it from damage. Call Greenleaf Organic Pest Management, Inc. for nuisance animal trapping in Los Angeles, CA or nearby areas.

Learn the Problems Gophers and Squirrels Cause

Grouind squirrel and gopher populations tend to live in areas where they find plenty of food. Urban and suburban developments give these animals many food sources, allowing them to thrive. And as these populations grow, many home and business owners need ground squirrel or gopher eradication.

You have to act quickly if you have ground squirrels or gophers on your property. While these mammals travel around your lawn, they can erode hillsides and damage your landscaping. They may also carry dangerous bacteria that can create health risks for your household pets.

Choose Experts to Remove These Pests

Greenleaf Organic Pest Management acts fast when you schedule gopher or squirrel trapping in Los Angeles County. Our team draws on nearly 40 years of experience to assess your property and determine what attracts these pests.

Once we understand the extent of the problem, we take steps to clear away the gophers and squirrels living nearby. We can perform trapping or use reliable chemical means to eradicate these nuisance animals.

Ask us to visit your property today, and don't forget to request a quote on squirrel and gopher removal. Call us at 877-52-GREEN (877-524-7336) to learn more.