Mosquito or Crane Fly?

Have you ever seen a large, flying bug that looks like a giant mosquito? If so, what you’ve seen is actually a mosquito hawk—more appropriately called a crane fly. Despite their appearance and nicknames, these bugs aren’t giant mosquitos. They are part of the fly family, just like mosquitoes are, but crane flies are completely different bugs. Below, you’ll learn everything you need to know about these insects.

How Can I Identify Crane Flies?

Several species of crane fly exist, but they all share common characteristics. In fact, they share so many characteristics that they all look exactly the same to the naked eye.

Adult crane flies can grow to two and a half inches in length and have three-inch wingspans. They also have six legs that look like stilts and that are about twice the length of their bodies. Crane flies look brown or gray in color and are often slender in appearance. Additionally, female crane flies have an ovipositor on the end of their abdomens that they use to lay eggs.

Do Crane Flies Bite or Sting People?

The crane fly is actually quite harmless to people and animals. It doesn’t sting or bite at all. Their only purpose is to mate and lay eggs. Though they won’t harm your property, landscape, or family members, they can be a big nuisance.

What Do Crane Flies Eat?

Crane flies have been nicknamed “mosquito eaters,” but these insects actually don’t eat mosquitoes. These bugs feed mostly on plant roots and grasses. Occasionally, crane fly larvae will eat mosquito larvae and adult flies will sip on sweet liquids like nectar, honey water, and dew.

However, adult crane flies don’t eat much because they have an incredibly short lifespan—usually no more than a few days.

Where Do Crane Flies Live?

Crane flies usually live near water sources, and the larvae live in water or moist soil near a water source. If you live near a body of water that’s surrounded by foliage, you’re more likely to see crane flies around your property.

What Should I Do If I See a Crane Fly in My Home?

If you live in North Hollywood or elsewhere in the surrounding areas and you spot crane flies in your home or on your property, call Greenleaf Organic Pest Control Management at 1877-52-GREEN (1-877-524-7336).

We’ll send a certified pest control specialist to inspect your property and determine if you have an infestation. Then, our technician will provide effective crane fly pest control services to remove these flying insects from your property.