Exterminate Cockroaches Today!

When you turn on the kitchen light, do you hear a tell tale scurrying as dozens of bugs rush out of sight? Not only are cockroach infestations creepy—they're also dangerous. Read our post below to find out more about this pest, then contact Greenleaf Organic Pest Management for effective cockroach extermination.

How Do You Know You Have an Infestation?

Cockroaches, which are also known as water bugs, tend to stay out of sight. They only come out at night or lurk in the shadows. If you see a cockroach during the day, you probably have an infestation. You'll likely also see cockroach droppings, which look like spilled coffee grounds. The more droppings you see, the wider your infestation's extent.

Some cockroaches give off a distinct odor. If you find dead cockroaches or cockroach droppings and your home smells musty or oily, you should call a cockroach extermination company.

Why Is a Cockroach Infestation Dangerous?

Cockroaches look, sound, and smell disgusting. But their shed exoskeletons also cause allergic reactions, including childhood asthma. While cockroaches help the environment by breaking down decomposing material, they contaminate your food when they invade your home.

How Many Types of Cockroaches Are There?

While there are six types of cockroaches that plague Los Angeles and surrounding area businesses and homes; these three are the most common:

  • American cockroaches can fly. They're also the largest type of cockroach, as large as two inches in length. You'll usually find them in dank, moist environments with decaying organic material.

  • German cockroaches, or food roaches, live in pantries, restaurants, and other food establishments. Usually, they don't enter the room from the outdoors—they're transported to your building from an infested area via boxes and equipment.

  • Oriental cockroaches look similar to American cockroaches. They usually enter homes through moist spaces beneath homes, sewers, and compost heaps, and from wet, heavy ground cover.

How Do We Exterminate Cockroaches?

The most effective cockroach extermination methods target individual species. At Greenleaf Organic Pest Management, we employ the following tactics:

  • We apply gel-formulated bait for German cockroaches. This method takes patience and requires a clean building, free of competing pests that could eat the bait instead.  We also incorporate an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) are pesticides that don't usually kill insects outright but instead affect the ability of insects to grow and mature normally.  IGRs either block the insect's ability to turn into an adult or cause it to change into an adult before it is physically able to reproduce.
  • We use residual pesticide for American and Oriental cockroaches. We recommend removing the source of the problem, like wet areas, before we apply the pesticide.

You can also follow these techniques to avoid cockroach infestations in the future:

  • Check that grocery bags and boxes don't carry cockroaches into your home.
  • Keep your plumbing lines in good repair.
  • Plug and seal drains you use irregularly.
  • Install door sweeps.
  • Install small mesh screens around your home's foundation. This is a service we can provide as well.

These techniques will keep cockroaches and other pests out and your food, home, and family safe.

If you have any questions our cockroach extermination in the Los Angeles, CA area, call our company at 877-524-7336.