Client Testimonials

Very Professional and Personable - 

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you to acknowledge Jorge who comes and services our yard. I commend him always being very professional and personable. He does a grreat job at keeping control of our pest issues.

Jorge learned, from our housekeeper, that my husband was ill. Jorge took the extra time to write us a short scribbled note, on our invoice, wishing him well. It's the little something like this makes him stand out. therefore, I want to extend my appreciation and let his supervisors know.

Thnkk you,

Anna London

Los Angeles

With Great Appreciation- 

With great appreciation for your excellent service to terminate the subterranean termites in my house. Thank you very much! I will gladly recommend your company to my friends or others at any opportunity.

Special thanks to Mr. Ted Pocwertz, termite manager, and to Mr. Kenny Ledbetter, who both did a hard and conscientious work, as they would do it in their own property.

Thanks you again.


Linda Regan 

Job Well Done

Your personnel just left our house and I want to tell you how great your service is. this applies also to your inspector who previously made the inspection which led to our using your company. We've had a lot of different companies do various types of work at our house in the past, but I must say that your personnel have been most professional, and what appears to us to be the most competent of all. You may be sure we will recommend your company to any of our neighbors who may need to have pest control work done.

Harvey Deltzer

Woodland Hill, CA


Highly Recommended – Greenleaf

Greenleaf has been taking care our pest control issues naturally for years and we’ve been very happy with them.  But now we can say that we’re impressed to the utmost.

A couple weeks ago we emptied out our storage and brought the boxes to our garage to sort through them.  As soon as we did that, we noticed we were itching out of control.  We were getting more and more frantic.  Of course we assumed it was dust mites and “no see-ums”.  The idea of being relentlessly bitten by these microscopic, alien creatures was abhorrent, to put it mildly.

I called Greenleaf and spoke to Mark.  I “knew best”, that it had to be some ghastly creatures that had invaded our sanctuary.

Patiently, I mean very patiently for about half an hour, Mark explained to me what was really going on to where it made complete sense. It wasn’t those nasty critters after all.  Mark could have sent out one of his technicians and sprayed the garage.  But he didn’t.  He told me what to do and if we still had a problem to call him.

Greenleaf sets the highest of examples of professionalism and ethics. Without reservation I recommend Greenleaf to anyone who is pestered by explicable or inexplicable invaders.


Scott Saks and Jeanne Powers

Why We Are Here!

I wanted to share a letter I received today that sums up why we do what we do...

To Potential Clients of Greenleaf Organic Pest Management, Inc.

     Please be advised that we are apartment tenants and write this letter of recommendation for Greenleaf Organic Pest Management, Inc. ("Greenleaf"), its General Manager, technicians and staff whom have provided invaluable, excellent and professional client and pest control service for us. We encourage anyone experiencing pest infestation to immediately contact Greenleaf which specializes in the eradication of those problems by utilizing safe treatments and materials, without exposure to harmful, caustic chemicals or creating airborne irritation to human beings or pets.

     Our relationship and service with Greenleaf began approximately two years ago when our apartment complex was infested with cockroaches and the apartment owner wanted their pest control company to "spray" toxic cockroach/insecticide in each and every apartment unit. We were deeply concerned about health issues relating to allergic reactions and subsequently desired an alternative treatment to the standard commercial "fumigant spray". Immediately, we contacted Greenleaf's General Manager, who explained the treatment options. A scheduled time was arranged for "baiting" or placement of non-scented paste formula in narrow crevices and other areas where cockroaches reside, as well as the placement of round discs (which contain non-toxic substances) around the apartment unit and would terminate the roaches and prevent them from breeding. The service was timely, professional , and successful. At the time, we were also apprised that if we did not retain paper grocery bags or paper cardboard boxes (which were fastened together by glue_, then we could also prevent cockroaches in our unit since they love to consume the glue.

     We also viewed Greenleaf's website and were impressed with the extensive information about identifing various pests, their habitation, hazards and how to control and prevent infestations. Moreover, Greenleaf has entertaining online newsletters and videos as educational tools for clients awareness regarding the latest health and safety issues relating to the necessity of understanding pest control and it applications.

     Another example of why we highly recommend Greenleaf is demonstrated in last week's situation, whereby we were concerned about a possible cockroach infestation if we did not conform with our apartment manager's request to permanently bolt the kitchen stove to the counter. This was required in the even of an earthquake and /or accident occurred to prevent the stove from sliding or falling. We objected to the bolting because we would not be able to freely move the stove to clean any debris around the area, thereby inviting cockroaches into the kitchen. We called Greenleaf's General Manager again and were delighted that he was able to intervene on our behalf. He spoke with the apartment manager to address the validity of our concerns and suggested an alternative method to secure the stove, by connecting it with Quake Hold Safety Straps which attach to wall/counter studs and also adhere to the stove with Velcro. Now, the stove belt can be unbuckled when we want to move and clean the stove, and then it can be refastened again.

     We still continue to minimize the presence of cockroaches, and to this date have not seen any over a year. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with Greenleaf and are very pleased with Greenleaf, its General Manager, technicians and staff for their expertise and generous time they give to respond to our pest control questions and concerns. They are a professional, knowledgeable, caring, kind, patient, informative, trustworthy and dependable team and we are very grateful for their assistance and service. We highly recommend them without reservation to any prospective client and to the general public for their excellent pest control and client services.

With our deepest appreciation,

Monika Kay


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