From Rats to Ants, Call Us for Pest Removal in Burbank, CA!

Some call Burbank, CA the “Media Capital of the World,” due to the many entertainment companies present in the city. These enterprises include big-name businesses like Warner Bros. Entertainment and the Walt Disney Company. While homeowners in Burbank and across the US have been entertained by Mickey Mouse on the screen, no one is entertained when a real mouse perches on top of the TV.

We Provide Quality Pest Control

Greenleaf Organic Pest Management can take care of that pesky mouse and any other pests on your property. We offer a wide range of pest-management services, including:

Before we give you a quote on any service, our technicians will stop by your home to provide a free inspection.

We Believe in Eco-Friendly Techniques

Our company has utilized natural, environmentally friendly techniques before organic pest management became popular. We practice integrated pest management (IPM). With this practice, we don’t rely solely on harsh chemical pesticides to protect your home. Whenever possible, we seek low-impact, non-chemical solutions to your pest problem.

Do you want an eco-friendly and highly effective answer to a pest issue? Call us at 877-52-GREEN the next time you need pest control in Burbank, Glendale, Sun Valley, Van Nuys or the surrounding areas.