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No one likes sharing their home with pests. If ants, mice, flour beetles, or other unwanted critters have taken over your home in Beverly Hills, CA, we can help. Greenleaf Organic Pest Management, Inc. specializes in finding the safest and most environmentally friendly solutions for eradicating pests.

When you want to get rid of pests in your home quickly, don’t waste your time on ineffective DIY methods. Turn to the experts instead. Our team has provided pest control services to over 21,000 clients since 1998.

Go Green With Our Pest Management Services

One thing that sets our company apart is our commitment to green practices. We believe that pesticides are not always the best solution. That’s why we use natural, non-toxic pest control methods that are safe for you, your pets, and your yard. Some of the methods we commonly employ are natural baits, application of plant oils, and the introduction of beneficial insects.

Prevent Future Pest Infestations

In addition to treating your current pest problem, we can also help you protect your home against future invasions with solutions like caulking holes and adding screens.

Call 877-52-GREEN today to schedule a visit for your home in Beverly Hills, CA. We’ll take care of whatever’s bugging you.