Rid Your Home of Weevils & Aphids

While you enjoy the comfortable interior of your Los Angeles, CA home, you love your backyard with its vivid plants and colorful gardens. As you go out to water and care for your bulbous peppers and plump tomatoes, you can’t help but notice tears and holes in your leaves.

You wonder what causes such damage, so you browse the Internet to find the culprit. Eventually, you come across aphids and weevils during your search, and you suspect that they might be to blame.

But before you call a pest management company, read on to learn more about the aphid and weevil and the impact they have on your favorite plants.


Aphids are tiny insects with soft, green skin and long antennae. They’re usually no bigger than 10 millimeters long, and they can be as small as just 0.04 inches. You’ll also notice a pair of tube-shaped appendages on their bottom half that release a defensive, waxy fluid.

These insects enjoy feeding on sap for nutrients. While small, they can inflict serious damage to plants and crops when they gather together in large groups. Aphids pose no threat to humans, but they are known to carry viruses and infect plants as they feed.

When you suspect an aphid infestation, spray the undersides and stalks of leaves with a high-powered hose. If your plants still appear wilted or dead after you take this step, talk to an aphid pest control professional for further help.


Weevils come from a specific family of beetle and show herbivorous tendencies. They can reach lengths of up to 0.3 inches (though some may be larger) and have oval-shaped bodies with long, tube-like mouths. They range in color, from brown and gray to blue and red.

Like aphids, weevils feed on and reproduce around crops and plant life. Many weevils tend to infest opened containers of flour, rice, cereal, and nuts. A large group of weevils can cause destruction and prove a formidable nuisance to farmers, gardeners, and homeowners alike.

To keep weevils out of your kitchen, make sure to seal all food containers and check for holes or cracks around your windows and caulking. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove weevils from your backyard plants. If this method causes damage to your fruits or vegetables, enlist the aid of a weevil pest control expert.

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