Ant Removal Services in Burbank & San Fernando, CA

It's another balmy day in Los Angeles County, and you see a familiar sight: ant trails leading to your cupboards and ant hills in your yard.

Ants are a big problem in Southern California; in fact, they're probably the top problem our experts see. Like other pests, ants love the mild climate. However, not all ants are the same. To really get rid of them, you need professional ant control services in Los Angeles County.

At Greenleaf Organic Pest Management, we have experience with all ant types in the area. We understand the problem and know what treatment methods work.

Why Ants Target Your Home—and What You Can Do

Most property owners assume that ants build their colonies nearby. Unfortunately, ants can create long trails that lead to other areas, even outside your property line. After you call for ant control services in North Hollywood, CA—or in any other city—you may just find that you and your neighbor share the problem.

In some cases, ants may colonize in your structural walls. When ants leave the colony to find a food source, they are attracted to fragrant liquids, even those found in dishwashing soaps. If you have an ant problem, use unscented soap—then, wipe countertops with vinegar/water or ammonia/water mixtures. Always put food away in airtight containers.

If you notice outdoor water leaks, repair them promptly. Also, caulk all crevices to keep ants from entering in gaps below windows, doors, or other areas.

When to Call the Professionals

Despite your best efforts and intentions, ants can still find a way into your property. If nothing helps, don't put up with potential health and structure damage. Call us first!

When our ant removal team arrives on site, we do a thorough inspection, determine the ant species and source of the infestation, and plan appropriate treatment. In some cases, baiting is the best method, but we will adjust our methods to suit each circumstance.

For prompt ant pest control services in Los Angeles County, call us today at 1-877-524-7336.