Are You Finding Pests in Your Yard?

Learn More About Crickets, Centipedes, and Pillbugs

If your backyard hosts a cricket infestation, you likely can't walk more than a step before one springs across your path. Their loud chirping overrides the pleasant sounds from your family barbecue, or they eat their way through your favorite couches, pillows, and blankets.

Along with crickets, your home and backyard holds a variety of annoying pests, from centipedes to pill bugs. Read below to learn more about these insects, and contact Greenleaf Organic Pest Management to rid them from your yard.


Los Angeles, CA is home to a wide variety of crickets, from mole crickets that damage your landscape and turf to house crickets that feed on fiber and fabric. You can differentiate these pests from grasshoppers by their size: crickets usually don't grow larger than 1 1/2 inches, and they have a yellow-brown coloring instead of a green one.

Crickets enter your home through cracks in the building, including in the spaces around unsealed doors and windows. Outdoor crickets lurk in grass and woodpiles, while indoor crickets hide in laundry baskets, around furniture, and in the carpet. Cricket infestations usually increase from late summer to early fall.

To make your backyard less desirable to this pest, get rid of piles of bricks, logs, stones, and trash in your backyard and garage. Next, seal any cracks around doors and windows and add secure screens. You can also contact Greenleaf for organic cricket control.


Unlike crickets, some centipedes have a poisonous bite. You can distinguish them from millipedes, their harmless relatives, by their leg count: centipedes only have one pair of legs per segment of their body, while millipedes seem to be covered in tiny legs. Centipedes grow up to six inches long and they scurry along the floor much quicker than millipedes.

Centipedes start to move into your home between Spring and Fall to escape adverse weather conditions. To keep them out, follow the same precautions you would for crickets: remove stacks of rubbish from the yard and seal any cracks in your building.

Since varieties of centipedes are dangerous, contact your centipede pest control company if you suspect an infestation.

Pill bugs

Pill bugs won't harm you like centipedes, but like crickets, they damage your turf and plants. Pill bugs feast on any decaying organic material they find, but they also munch on your plants' roots. You can identify them by their 1/4- to 1/2-inch long bodies and gray coloring, and the fact that they curl up into small rolling balls when frightened.

If you find large numbers of pill bugs indoors, chances are you have quite a few more lurking outdoors. Get in touch with us for pill bug pest control, then make your home less desirable to these insects by reducing ground cover and mulch. Get rid of any decaying green waste in your yard and dry out damp areas.

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