Providing Pest Control in San Fernando, CA

San Fernando, CA experiences near-constant sunshine and pleasantly warm temperatures all year long. The sunny weather makes this area an ideal place to work or raise a family. Unfortunately, homeowners aren't the only San Fernando residents who love the balmy climate—the heat also welcomes pests that are eager to claim your property for their own.

Whether gophers are devastating your garden or termites are slowly but surely destroying your property, get in touch with Greenleaf Organic Pest Management, Inc. We have decades of local industry experience that help us eradicate your pest problem quickly, affordably, and safely.

Organic Pest Control Solutions

Do you want to save your property from pests without exposing your family members and pets to potentially dangerous chemicals? At Greenleaf, we've always used organic, natural pest control solutions and low-toxicity pesticides to keep our clients safe while we cope with their pest problems.

We use state of the art techniques and the latest products and methods on any type of indoor or outdoor pest. No matter what type of pest you're dealing with, we can help—trust us for gopher, spider, cockroach, termite, and ant pest control services.

Visit our services page to get a complete picture of how our comprehensive services can protect your family and property.

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For service in San Fernando, Van Nuys, Encino, Studio City or the surrounding areas; call our Los Angeles office at 877-52-GREEN (877-524-7336).