Indoor Bug Bombs

Posted by Mark A. Puglisi, ACE on Wed, Aug 08, 2012 @ 11:08 AM

The Truth about Indoor Bug Bombs

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Let’s face it, times are tough and we all look for ways to save money.  While foggers are convenient and are as simple to use as pushing a button, they often are a waste of time and money and make your pest issue worse. But if you’re in need of remodeling your home and want to save a few bucks on demolition. These foggers are highly combustible and take just a flick of a light switch or a pilot light to go BOOM!  Seriously, are they effective in controlling insects?  For the most part NO!  

I have seen my share of homeowners and apartment dwellers and their managers use Total Release Foggers (bug bombs) for just about every insect on the planet.  Seldom do these delivery systems do anything but spread the problem from one unit to the next.  The active ingredient in these products typically are pyrethrums, which have no residual and on a good day may kill 30 % of any given population, that is if they are exposed at the time of the release.  Most targeted insects in these settings are nocturnal and spend a good part of their time in crack and crevices. These products do not go through walls, baseboards or in the areas where insects are typically found.  So why do people buy them?   People love to "see" the "Hollywood" dramatics of these devices filling up the house to the point of not being able to see across the room.  Which brings me to the other issue with home use pesticides? 

There is an old saying that doesn't hold any truth to the use of pesticides, if a little is good, a lot must be better. Far too many times I see the use of store bought products designed to be diluted used straight out of the container thinking it will do a better job.   What it really increases is the chance of contamination, damage, or worse yet, death? Should the unfortunate event of explosion happen from the use of these products the fire department  finds the pest infestation live and well. 

So what can you do on your own, well I have a homeowner tips that can help prevent many homeowner pest issues. If you have any questions about foggers, ultra sonic devices or anything about a pest challenge you may be having, click on Ask The Expert and I will be happy answer your questions.

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