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Posted by Mark A. Puglisi, ACE on Fri, Jun 15, 2012 @ 05:00 AM


Trapped Fox

When I strated in the pest control industry 32 years ago in the greater Los Angeles area, I dealt mostly with the 6 and 8 legged pest.  I think I had maybe a couple rat jobs to deal with and the only time I dealt with the 4 legged animal was my client's dog that didn't like me in their yard. Nusiance animal trapping has become a major issue in our industry now for a few reason.

  • Fires and rain have driven wild animals out of the hills and into our yards where they have found food and water for the picking.
  • County intervention has all but stopped due to budget cuts and lack of resources, so most don't offer the traps for the homeowner.
  • License requirement changes within our industry no longer allows trapping under our Pest Control licenses and requires a special trapper license and many companies opted out of this work.
  • Structural issues with homes allow easy access for nusiance animals and they will be happy to move in.

Trapping wild animals is one challenge, but there is more to do when these animals have gained access into our homes. Droppings, odors, urine and their nesting material, usually your insulation is so badly contaminated, it must be removed, replaced and sanitized. A host of parisites can be living in the nest of these animals and once removed the insects will be looking for a new blood meal...That would be you.

Having you home inspected for missing or damaged vents should be done frequently since many of these nusiance animals WILL destroy vents and even take shingles off your roof to gain access, and many times without your knowedge.

 If you have concerns about nuisance animals in and around your home, give us a call.


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